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Capturing Genuine Moments in Photography

Updated: Jan 8

In the world of milestone sessions, where every smile and gesture is carefully curated, there's a growing appreciation for imperfectly perfect images when photographing young children. These fleeting moments, filled with authenticity and genuine expressions, hold a unique charm that goes beyond the of picture perfect aesthetics .

Photographing young children during milestone sessions is about more than just creating visually stunning images. Yes I did take lots of gorgeous images of this child, sitting, smiling , laughing, playing with her cake during a cake smash session, but I loved this because she decided this is how she was going to eat her cake, enough of the sitting pretty, she was here to have fun, and boy did she go for it. So along with the traditional cake smash photography images, I added these extra ones that I know will be the ones that will be treasured the most in that time capsule of memories.

Genuine moments

It's about capturing the essence of their personalities , the raw beauty of their innocence and the unscripted joy that defines childhood.

Imperfectly perfect images, ones that a tousled hair strand, or a mischievous grin, tell a story that resonates far beyond flawless compositions.

Children are unpredictable, and that unpredictability is a treasure trove for me as a photographer, turning the photoshoot into a journey of discovery.

In a world saturated with polished images, clients are increasingly seeking authenticity, reflecting the true spirit of the child, creating lasting memories that parents cherish.

Embracing imperfections sends a powerful message that every moment, no matter how seemingly flawed, is a beautiful part of the child's journey, where children can be themselves without the pressure of to an idealised image.

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