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Welcome to the delectable world of my food photography. Explore stunning food and drink photography by a seasoned professional. From tantalising dishes to refreshing beverages, indulge in captivating visuals that elevate your culinary experience. Each picture invites you to savour the moment. whether its a rustic farm -to - table spread, or an elegant fine dining creation , my goal is to showcase the beauty and deliciousness of food in every frame.

Dark chocolate day.jpg
Shrimps and Noodles Soup
Sausage rolls 2-1.jpg
Macarons 1-1.jpg
Chilli 2-1.jpg

Why Food?

I love details, so as a wedding photographer I found myself paying particular attention to the perfectly placed table decorations , the colour themes, the food and how it was styled. It has taken time and experience to be able to produce the images I can now achieve. Over ten years with a camera in my hand photographing many genres it has been key to my ability to adapt to different light and situations , to get the right image for my client.

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